Programs and Enrichment 


Alaka’i Camp II will be a 3 day 2 night enrichment camp. Coordinated by Kekoa and Pua Kama of KamaHawaii, we hope to inspire the next generation of community leaders. During this camp we explore traditional Hawaiian knowledge incorporating Hawaiian values, cultural practice, traditional arts and language. 

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OahuaLua is an eighth-week Hawaiian immersion tour that consists of keiki from both Waimanalo Canoe Club and Leeward Kai Canoe Club traveling through Oahu with cultural practitioners who manage wahi pana or historical sites. The goal is to help practitioners maintain sites reintroducing kanaka to special places. Prior to the pandemic, students would help to rebuild traditional fishponds, restore loʻi (taro patches) and maintain ancient irrigation ditches. This year, these classes were canceled due to appropriate funds. This enrichment is coordinated by Dr. Puanani Kama of KamaHawaii.

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Pō Opio will be a dinner with a panel discussion, in hopes to inspire the next Watermen and Waterwomen. This will be facilitated by Dr. Puanani Kama, founder of KAMAHAWAII and her team. During this dinner we explore different paths and opportunities hoewaʻa or outrigger canoe paddling can provide. Our esteemed guests bring valuable experiences centered on water sports, including canoe paddling, surfing, olympic kayaking and the work of a lifeguard. We hope you join us for a night of fun, food and enlightenment.  

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Waimanalo Canoe Club members Wa’a He Moku, a weekend family camp. At camp you can acquire new knowledge revolving around “KEALAULA” becoming a better Waimanalo Paddler/ Waterman. Things you can expect to learn in the first camp learn some new Mele and Oli, Canoe types/parts and functions identification, Food sustainability, work on our physical ability, Waimanalo Ahupua’a Waimanalo Watershed. 

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